We found the keys!

Yep, it’s been a while. We lost the keys to the blog! But now we are back. We’ve had a strong coffee and the last of the turkey and are ready to tell you some of our plans for 2014.

one direction mug

We are planning to do more trade-ins and pre-loved instruments, starting with guitars. So if you have any nice old guitars gathering dust that you would be interested in turning into cash or a new instrument then do get in touch. We took in this pretty Epiphone before Christmas, it’s had a full set up and is looking for a new home.


 We have big plans for the shop too, focusing on the last part of our Learn Play Create mantra. We will soon be stocking a comprehensive new range of home-recording technology products. With in-shop demos and workshops we will be able to provide everything you need to turn that tune that’s been stuck in your head for years into a professionally produced song!

It’s good to be back. Our new year’s resolution is to blog more (but not too much, eh). And the keys to the blog?? Well… we found them in the end.

*shakes sand out of flip-flops*


About Westmount Music

A musical emporium in Marlow, Bucks. A location in the world wide web. A way of life. A place of possible over-statement
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